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Join the Collective System for the management of photovoltaic WEEE
Bozza modifiche sito web ECO-PV (7)
Join the Collective System for the management of photovoltaic WEEE



Management and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment

Manufacturers and importers can rely on us in the design and implementation of services for a correct and transparent waste management in a circular economy key. Our focus is on excellent logistics, as well as the best standard for waste treatment and recycling. We offer expertise and assistance with regulatory compliance and product end-of-life.


Management and recycling of cells, batteries, and accumulators 

The Producers and Importers of spent cells, batteries and accumulators can join the Consortium for the correct management regarding the end of life of products, guided by the values ​​of transparency, efficiency and sustainability.

Eco-contribution for managing the end of life of EEE placed on the market by Producers 

Producers who place EEE and photovoltaic modules on the national market can fulfill their end-of-life management financing obligations by joining the Eco-PV collective system, paying the eco-contribution envisaged by the WEEE Directive into the ECO-PV TRUST and directly delegating the Consortium to operate on their behalf.


Financial guarantee for the management of WEEE from photovoltaic modules for the Responsible Parties 

The Responsible Parties for photovoltaic systems subsidized in the Energy Account can fulfill their obligations relating to the management of the end of life of their modules, avoiding deductions from the GSE incentive tariffs and relying directly on the Eco-PV Trust through a guarantee and indemnity contract, in accordance with WEEE legislation and GSE regulations.

WEEE and WPA collection, transport, and treatment 

Thanks to its own efficient and tested network, Eco-PV offers its members and customers the WEEE and WPA collection, transport, and treatment service throughout the national territory, through authorized and selected operators. Moreover, Eco-PV makes use of specially designed treatment plants specialized in the recycling of photovoltaic modules waste, with the aim of maximizing the recovery and reuse of secondary raw materials.