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Join the Collective System for the management of photovoltaic WEEE
Bozza modifiche sito web ECO-PV (7)
Join the Collective System for the management of photovoltaic WEEE


Thanks to our network on all national territory, Eco-PV offers to its members and customers an efficient service of WEEE waste pickup, transport and treatment.

The Consortium work every day in logistics operations to deliver WEEE to authorised treatment facilities for its recovery. Eco-PV uses plants specialized in photovoltaic modules waste recovery, with the maximization recovery and reuse raw materials goals.

For management of WEEE from incentivated plants in Conto Energia, Eco-PV offers to its member and customers also a production service of documentationsas FIR, declarations, treatment certificates – need to RAEE and GSE regulations.

The Consortium ensures the online tracking of waste, and makes avaible for its members and customers the documentation about WEEE and GSE regulations, offering also a bureaucratic advice service.

In addition to standard service of pv waste pickup, transport and treatment, Eco-PV offers additional services, such as: plant analysis and mapping, reading serial number of photovoltaic modules etc., for an easier management of WEEE.

Customized solutions

The Consortium, authoritative business partner, supports companies, members consortium and customers in the management of end-of-life photovoltaic modules, by identifying the best possible solution.

Choose Eco-PV allows to Responsible Person to:

In particular, relying on Eco-PV allows the Responsible Entity to:

  • save 50% compared to the tariffs set by the GSE for the installation subject to module replacement, while complying with the obligations specified in the “Operational Instructions for the Management and Disposal of Incentivized Photovoltaic Panels” (pursuant to Article 40 of Legislative Decree 49/2014) issued by the GSE itself;

  • comply with obligations of waste Producer/owner, in according with Decree No. 152/2006 “Norme in materia ambientale” (“TUA”) and with Decree No. 49/2014, “Attuazione della Direttiva 2012/19/UE sui RAEE” (“Direttiva RAEE”);
  • obtain guarantees about good pickup, treatment and recovery of end-of-life photovoltaic modules and be exempted by Eco-PV by bureaucratic and regulatory responsibilities about its management.

No contractual obligation

Eco-PV, with its structure based on outsourcing model, does not bind companies, consortium members and customers with penalties or long-terms contracts, but allows them to cancel the membership to Consortium or its services anytime.  

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