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Valorize electronic waste, one step at a time with the WEEE consortium

As regards the management and recycling of WEEE, Consorzio Eco-PV is a qualified partner accredited to the WEEE Coordination Center (CDC RAEE). We are able to provide expertise and assistance to producers and importers in the design and implementation of services for correct and transparent waste management in a circular economy key. The company focus is on excellent logistics, as well as the best standard for waste treatment and recycling.



in the National Register of Producers/Importers


of the legislative obligations regarding WEEE


to regulatory compliance and other laws


Operational consultancy and training



Ministerial Decree 65/10

The Ministerial Decree 8 March 2010, no. 65 specifies:

  • methods for collecting and transporting WEEE to the Collection Centers by distributors, installers, and managers of EEE technical assistance Centres;
  • creation and management of Collection Centres;
  • need to register in the National Register of Environmental Managers for the collection and transport of domestic WEEE.

Legislative Decree 49/2014

The main innovations introduced by Legislative Decree 14 March 2014 – n. 49 are developed in these fundamental points:

  • the establishment of a list with mandatory registration of WEEE treatment plants, managed by the WEEE Coordination Center (CDC RAEE);
  • the obligation to collect the product free of charge at the end of its life by setting up Collection Points in the area also for online sellers;
  • the introduction of one-against-zero, i.e. the possibility for the consumer to deliver small-sized WEEE to points of sale without having to make a purchase;
  • the introduction of more challenging collection and recycling targets: by 2019, the Government intends to recover 85% of household WEEE produced in Italy or 65% of all products placed on the national market;
  • the inclusion of photovoltaic panels in the WEEE list.


Since 2012, Eco-PV has been the ideal partner for consortium members and customers operating in the photovoltaic sector. We offer collection, transport, and treatment services for end-of-life modules throughout the national territory, and we are authorized by MASE to immobilize the financial guarantee quota that the owners and manufacturers of systems are required to pay to cover the management costs of photovoltaic WEEE.