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Join the Collective System for the management of photovoltaic WEEE
Bozza modifiche sito web ECO-PV (7)
Join the Collective System for the management of photovoltaic WEEE


Registration and Financial Guarantee for end-of-life management of incentivated photovoltaic modules

The Decree No. 49/2014 has included photovoltaic modules between Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE). Therefore, the owner of phovoltaic plant incentivated in Conto Energia – Responsible Person – must properly manage the photovoltaic WEEE derivated by its plant.

The Decree No. 49/2014 establishes that the financing of end-of-life management about photovoltaic modules incentivated in Conto Energia it is up to Responsible Person. The photovoltaic modules, infact, are not covered by Financial Guarantee provided for by april 2014.

With the amendment that came into force on 07.02.2024, amending Article 40, paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 49 of 2014, the Responsible Entity, owner of photovoltaic modules incentivized under the Conto Energia, may decide to deposit the Financial Guarantee, corresponding to half of the quota retained by the GSE, in the Trust of a Collective System recognized by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security (MASE) such as Eco-PV.

Choose Eco-PV means to deposit the Financial Guarantee – equal amount of GSE deduction – into a Trust, a non-attachable fund regolated by normative. The fixed amount into Trust allows Eco-PV to cover the costs for pickup, transport and treatment of photovoltaic RAEE and offers to the responsibile party additional services as, for example, the total supervision of recycling chain and the production of relative documentation, pursuant to RAEE regulation.                  

The Trust of Eco-PV, calls “TRUST ECO-PV”, established in accordance with GSE Technical Regulations and with IV and V Conto Energia, is a non-attachable and controlled fund where the Responsible Person can pay the amount of Financial Guarantee for its incentivated photovoltaic modules. Is a real “transparent safe”: the amount is used only for pickup, transport and treatment services of guarantee modules. Cannot be used for no other reason.

The TRUST ECO-PV is subjected to double check of flows of paid amounts, as follows:

  • the Trustee, external person, with necessary requirements of professionalism and morality, manages the amount transfer from Trust to Consortium availability only when there is a need to manage the guaranteed phovoltaic modules end-of-life;
  • the Guarantor, “super partes” person outside of Consorzio, with high morality and competence, who verifies fulfillment of obligations about the management of TRUST ECO-PV, and verifies fulfillment of obligations by Eco-PV.

How to join

Eco-PV has created a free dedicated website that allows Responsible Person to sign up to register the data relating to phovotoltaic modules.

  • Create your Account by clicking here;
  • Activate membership by following the guided procedure;
  • Enter the data of your system and upload the file with brand, model, serial number and unit weight of the PV panels of the system;
  • Pay the financial guarantee for each PV panel;
  • Obtain the guarantee certificate and the documentation useful for reimbursement of the GSE deduction.

From your account the Responsible Person can monitor, manage and update the data of your system at any time and from any device.

Don’t remember your system data? Can’t insert them into the Portal? Eco-PV takes care of it! Choose our data management service and you can delegate Eco-PV for the recovery and insertion of the data of your system on the Portal.

Why choose Eco-PV and avoid GSE deduction

Choose Eco-PV, avoiding the GSE deduction, leads to advantages for Responsible Person:

  • the GSE will no longer hold the amount of financial guarantee by incentive rates, and will return to Responsible Person the any amount already retained;
  • the Responsible Person will not have to manage the photovoltaic modules end-of-life, because Eco-PV will take care of it;
  • the Responsible Person will receive the waiver certificate by Eco-PV that will work on his behalf on responsability about the management activites of photovoltaic modules end-of-life. This certificate is insured by GSE Technical Regulations and by Eco-PV, Collective System recognized by MITE. The certificate wouldn’t be insured to Responsible Person if he would turn directly to third parties for waste treatment;
  • the Responsible Person may pay in instalments the amount of Financial Guarantee for its incentivated photovoltaic modules, and may deduct tax the amount into TRUST ECO-PV with economic advantages;
  • the amount of Financial Guarantee into TRUST ECO-PV will remain immobilized and non-deductible, until the management need of end-of-life photovoltaic modules, guaranted and identified by serial number;
  • the Responsible Person will no longer have large economic expenses for the management of photovoltaic modules, because these will already be guaranteed throught the amount into TRUST ECO-PV. Eco-PV will provide, for contract, to manage of end-of-life, economically and operationally;
  • the Collective System Eco-PV may offer to the Responsible Person an efficient and punctual service for management of photovoltaic modules end-of-life, with other services – included in the price paid in the Trust – that other company don’t offer.