Eco-PV Technology

With a view to a circular economy, the objective of collaboration between Eco-PV and ENEA is the industrialization of an innovative process for the treatment of end of life photovoltaic modules for the recovery, efficient and eco-sustainable, of the secondary raw materials.

Eco-PV Technology will work on the construction of the definitive industrial plant called \”Faster Green\” to recover and recycle more than 95% of the materials that make up the photovoltaic module, such as glass, metals, silicon and plastics. Furthermore, compared to those already patented and those implemented in commercial plants, this type of treatment is more efficient from an energy point of view and completely eco-sustainable as it has zero emissions. The eco-sustainability of the project is guaranteed by two characteristics:

  • energy requirement’s reduction of the treatment process;
  • zero emissions of pollutants

The progect’s engineers are Eng. Mauro Vignolini, former executive of ENEA currently retired and plant engineering expert, and Eng. Maria De Honestis, who worked as a Research and Development Engineer at Eco-PV Consortium.


Eco-PV Technology will recover the aluminum frame and the junction box of the photovoltaic panel, which is then treated by a machine to completely the recover of the glass contained in it. The second step will involve the recovery of the exploitable metals, such as copper, aluminum, silver, tin and lead contained in the photovoltaic cells. The goal of Eco-PV Technology is to recover pure materials in order to reuse them. Currently, the metals recovered in the Eco-PV and ENEA experimental plant are 99.9% pure by weight (they were analyzed in the ENEA laboratories).

Eco-PV Technology will conclude its operational process with the recovery of silicon and plastics.


The technical process of Eco-PV and ENEA, in compliance with the regulations in force, will soon be patented. In fact the project is currently being evaluated by expert technicians and consultants in the recovery of the materials that make up the photovoltaic modules. At the end of this phase, the patent, which will take the name of “Process and industrial plant for the recovery of raw materials from photovoltaic modules at the end of their life“, will be filed both in Italy and abroad and will be sold to Eco-PV Technology which will build the final industrial plant.


ENEA and Eco-PV were among the winners of the tender of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea (MATTM) in 2018, entitled “Call for the co-financing of research projects aimed at the development of new recovery technologies , recycling and treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)“. Eco-PV and ENEA were also winners of the ENEA “Proof of Concept 2018” about innovative industrial technologies.

The collaboration with ENEA has allowed Eco-PV to reach an important milestone, and certifies the excellent quality of the collaboration between the the two teams.

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