PV MAGAZINE – Intervista ad Attilio De Simone

Dalla rivista PV MAGAZINE del 20/03/2020 

Intervista ad Attilio De Simone, General Manager di Eco-PV



Illegal disposal

The potential for end-of-life panels to be illegally smuggled for resale is not the only risk associated with the use of unscrupulous recycling operations, according to ECO PV’s De Simone. “Another cheap and profitable option may be that of loading a container with them and shipping them [to] remote countries for illegal disposal,” he told pv magazine. In such a scenario, panels could be “disposed of in illegal landfills in countries outside the European Union,” said De Simone, who added: “It is important to accurately verify the [recycling] operators’ certifications and procedures.”

The Italian solar recycling industry representative said: “It should not be forgotten that collective recycling entities receive a subsidy, the so-called eco contributo, for … panel recycling. As well … the responsible subjects – i.e. the owners of the plants – receive a public incentive on the plants they own. It is not inconceivable that some operators may use certain non-compliant supply chains in order to save money, inevitably generating environmental damage for the community when they take resources from the community.”